Jurassic Coastlines

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When we last left Bertie and Croc they were driving away from the towering Wellington Monument. Bertie thought they were heading back to the place they were staying but as he watched the rolling English countryside go past he began to realise they were heading somewhere new.

Bertie pointed out the thatched cottages to Croc, who had never seen houses with straw roofs….tin yes, but straw? Croc could not get his head round how the straw would keep the rain out?

As the car rolled to a gentle stop Bertie began to feel the excitement in his stuffing grow as he heard the familiar sounds of seagulls squawking in the air above them. It had been a long time since Bertie had been to a British seaside. He advised Croc that this was not going to be the tropical lifestyle he had become accustomed to and to make sure he stayed warm inside the coat pocket he was nestled in. Croc was not use to having to wrap up warm for a trip to the beach.

Bertie donned his hat and off they went! He discovered that they had arrived at a small seaside town called Sidmouth (pronounced Sid-muf), in Devon. The beach was full of pebbles and large stones and Bertie thought some resembled dinosaur eggs, which was ironic as Bertie later discovered that Sidmouth was a gateway to the Jurassic Coastย World Heritage Site. The red cliffs reminded Croc of the red dirt in the Northern Territory. However, the cold chill in the air reminded Croc to stay safely tucked up in his warm coat pocket. Croc could not understand how it could be so sunny, yet so cold!?

As Bertie sat quietly and alone on the deserted pebble beach he took some time to think about where he had come in his life. He was just beginning to ponder about where he was going when he heard someone mention the words “ice-cream” and all pondering was forgotten!


17 thoughts on “Jurassic Coastlines

  1. Pedro Arscott says:

    If only Bertie knew how big the fossilised snail’s called ammonite’s were that have been found in the cliff’s in the far distance around Charmouth, he might have been a little nervous…

    Should Croc ever find out there were animals living around there millions of yrs ago that had even bigger teeth than his, he would be amazed…

    Sidmouth gets very Busy in the summer when it has a Folk festival, Bertie & Croc would luv it…Pedro…

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