The Fiddler


After stuffing his face with ice cream Bertie felt quite content and was enjoying his impromptu visit to the English seaside. Croc was beginning to think Bertie was insane! In his opinion it was cold enough without eating ice cream!?

Bertie decided it was too much like hard work navigating his way through the dinosaur eggs on the pebbled beach and they made their way back towards the car. Bertie pointed out Jacobs Ladder to Croc and they shared an in joke about the comparisons between the ladder at Sidmouth and the Jacobs Ladder in Perth, Western Australia.

As they neared the top of the cliffs they took a stroll through a beautiful garden which was just beginning to show the first signs of spring. As Bertie was posing amongst the blooming flowers, Croc began to sneeze being surrounded by the new varieties of flowers and nestled comfortably in the coat pocket he was now reluctant to leave for fear that his fangs would fall out when his teeth began to chatter from the cold.

It was here Bertie found a new friend…..a statue of a Violinist stood alone and looking quite dismal in the middle of the garden. Bertie felt quite sorry for the statue, reminding himself of his early days travelling where he would spend many hours alone. He also knew that seagulls were not much for conversation so he sat on the statues hat and chatted merrily away to him in the hope it would cheer him up. The statue said not a word but seemed to be more than happy for a bit of company.

On reading the plaque near the statue Bertie learnt that it was called The Fiddler and was designed by a local artist called Gretta Berlin to celebrate 50 years of Sidmouth folk festival. Bertie thought if he was to design a statue to celebrate something he would at least make it with a smile on its face!

Bertie felt himself being gently lifted off the statue and placed securely in his camera bag hide away, which indicted they were heading home. Exhausted by the sea air and the gentle rocking of the bag he fell into a bear like slumber dreaming of where he would be when he woke up next.



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