Wide eyed wonders

Bertie and Croc were just beginning to get settled in Somerset when change struck again. Bertie knowingly advised Croc that this was the travelling lifestyle, you just got use to a place and you ended up moving on. It was one of the reasons Bertie had tried to settle in one place for a while. Whereas Croc had just mastered settling in the safety of a coat pocket. He felt warm and cosy and for some reason the darkness was beginning to feel like a friend. Bertie suspected Croc had jet lag and was determined to get him out and about and onto his new time zone.

As they settled in the camera bag together listening to the rumbling of the car tyres on the road they both contemplated out loud where they might be heading to next. Croc secretly hoped that it was warmer.

When at last they were pulled out from the camera bag they were placed, together, on a cold stone wall. After being nestled in the camera bags darkness for quite a while their eyes look some time to get adjusted to the lightness of being outside. Bertie froze as he realised Croc was sat happily beside him looking around and looking quite alert, his eyes were huge as he took in the new place they had come to!

Bertie and Croc were sat on an historic chapel which was built between 1342 and 1356. It turned out this was one of only 4 bridge chapels still surviving in England! Bertie could see the wall of a stone bridge from where he was sat. The bridge was very old as well and had been built soon after 1342 and replaced an earlier bridge which was used to travel over the River Calder.

Bertie’s excitement grew as he realised he was HOME and they were sat on St Mary’s Chantry Chapel in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. He immediately went into tour guide mode and showed his wide eyed friend the bridge and chapel from many angles. Bertie’s head began buzzing with ideas about where he could take Croc next….after all this was his home town and he felt a strong responsibility to be a good tour guide.

Can you spot Bertie and Croc together in the black and white photograph? All will be revealed in Thursday’s blog post!


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