Swimming with the fishes

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Croc was quite happy to be in the darkness of the camera bag. He felt relatively safe knowing the alligator was on the outside of the bag and he was on the inside. He knew it hadn’t approached them because Bertie still had his head stuck out of the bag. All Croc could see of his friend was his wiggling feet as he took in where they were.

Croc felt the bag move and sway. They were walking again. “Phew!” He thought. Then Bertie’s feet stopped wiggling. He heard Bertie say “WOW!!!” He knew what was to follow…..”You HAVE to come look at this!”

Grumpily Croc climbed up to peak out of the bag.

Both friends looked up in shock. Everywhere they looked there were different types of fishes. They were underwater but could still breathe. Croc wasn’t sure about this. As a crocodile he was use to being at the bottom of the water looking up but this was weird. They seemed to be in an odd tunnel.

Carefully the two friends were placed on a ledge and took the opportunity to have a closer look at the fish. There were so many. Suddenly they heard a voice…

“Oi! You two. Yes, you there.” It was a gruff grumble. They turned and came face to face with the biggest fish they had ever seen! It was even big enough to make a crocodile jump! “This is my patch. Ok? Got it? Scoot!”

Luckily they had an escape route and as the camera bag came near they both jumped into it. They turned back to look at the fish. He watched them without blinking until they left the tunnel. “This is getting way too exciting for me.” Said Croc and he sunk down into the darkness of the bag. Bertie shivered. He wasn’t sure he liked being that close to such a big fish.


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