Stamp revelation!


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Bertie and Croc had had a busy day at Newquay Aquarium. They were just settling down comfortably onto the nice, soft carpet of their holiday home when they both noticed something odd. Their travelling friends hand had funny marks on it. She was quite distracted so they took the opportunity to get a closer look.

“What’s it for?” Asked Croc. Bertie looked unsure, he didn’t really know. What he did know, as he looked at the size of the stamp and the size of his friend, was if it went onto them, if they CAUGHT it, then it would cover them completely! He shivered at the thought. Croc, seeing Bertie shiver, began to feel quite on edge himself.

Bertie backed away. It had something to do with the Aquarium he was sure of it! He decided to try and stay out of the way of their travelling friends so they wouldn’t catch whatever this weird marking was.

The next day, Bertie and Croc were no where to be found! Their travelling friends searched high and low. “I wonder where they are?” The two friends heard someone say. As they peeped out of the dark bag they were in, they realised the room had gone quiet. Breathing a sigh of relief they both knew they had been left behind from today’s adventure. Bertie felt slightly sad. It was then Croc nudged him….

The glimmer of light which had been let into the dark bag shone on a leaflet. The leaflet was from the Aquarium they had visited yesterday and it had the weird stamp picture on it!!! Bertie KNEW it had come from there! He grabbed Croc and went to pull him away from it in case the leaflet was the source of the weird disease, but Croc dug his heels in and stayed looking at the writing.

It was the ‘Admissions’ page. He pulled the reluctant Bertie closer and pointed. It had the stamp and then some words underneath. Bertie squinted at the words and felt his whole body relax. He then felt very, very silly!

It was an ADMISSIONS stamp! It meant you got unlimited entry ALL day! Bertie sat down with a bump. He had missed a day’s adventure because he had panicked. What a boring day this would be, stuck inside.

Croc slunk back into the darkness of the bag, feeling a little relieved in more ways than one. “A day off!” He thought with a smile and snuggled deeper.


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