The Biomes


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“A new day, a new adventure!” Thought Bertie as he stretched out his little paws and blinked in the stream of sunlight which was making its way evasively into the room. He turned to Croc who had just sunk deeper into the darkness. He opened on eye and then shut it again quickly when he realised Bertie had seen him. “Come on!” Bertie said, “I have a feeling today will be a great day!”

He wasn’t wrong! As they set off in the car there was a feeling of excitement within the small group. It took a while to get to their detention and when they rolled up onto the crunchy tarmac Bertie was ready to go. Nestled in the camera bag the two friends peeked out as lots of people, young and old, bustled along the same path as them. There were so many plants!

Bertie sunk a little deeper into the bag when a group of noisy and very excited school children made their way past them. Then they were pulled out into the bright sunshine and placed on the neatest hedge Bertie and Croc had ever seen.

What lay before them was a pretty unusual sight. Neither friend, in any of the countries they had visited or lived in had seen anything like this before. There were HUGE bubbles in front of them, with strange triangles on the tops. They looked like some kind of exotic cake. There was a whooshing noise and Croc could have sworn he saw someone fly over the top of the bubbles. A few minutes later it happened again, this time Bertie saw. “Did you…?” Before Bertie could finish his sentence Croc nodded. He hoped, with all his stuffing, that they were not going on whatever that was! Crocodiles were not famed for their love of heights.

Can you guess where Bertie and Croc are?


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