In a Christmas tizzy

Bertie and Croc would like to apologise for being so quiet recently. Everyone needs a bit of a break and they have been quite overwhelmed with the busy year they have had. They didn’t realise how quickly the weeks have passed and, with all the excitement of Christmas beginning to build, they completely forgot to write down some of their adventures!

Bertie and Croc always love the Christmas tree going up. They love hiding in the Christmas stockings and watching the world go by around them while they stay lovely and snug and warm. This year Bertie pointed out that the little decorations they brought from their adventures in Norway a year ago were on the tree again. Each decoration was beginning to have a special meaning for the two friends and filled them both with a little warm feeling from the inside. They remembered the polar bear they made friends with in Norway and all the other friends they have made on their journey’s together.

Croc likes to check out the Christmas stockings on a regular basis just to make sure that he hasn’t missed any tasty treats going into them while he was busy with his day. Of an evening they both love to admire the Christmas baubles and lights of the tree.

Have you got your tree up yet? What do you put on yours?


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