Are we home yet?

As Bertie and Croc weaved their way along the yellow brick road Croc began to feel excited. He picked up the pace, as fast as his little legs would allow and Bertie had to practically run to keep up with him. Croc stopped so suddenly Bertie tripped right over him! Huffing and puffing Bertie got … Continue reading Are we home yet?


Leaping leopards!

Leaping Leopards! Bertie began to realise what Croc was doing on the banana containers when he saw his friend trying to prise one of the open. "Oh dear!" He thought, "He's trying to find a way home." Bertie knew the containers were for decoration purposes and if Croc did manage to get in one, which … Continue reading Leaping leopards!

The Biomes

  "A new day, a new adventure!" Thought Bertie as he stretched out his little paws and blinked in the stream of sunlight which was making its way evasively into the room. He turned to Croc who had just sunk deeper into the darkness. He opened on eye and then shut it again quickly when … Continue reading The Biomes