A year of memories

Bertie and Croc don't often look back. They are far too interested in looking forwards to their next adventure. As 2018 comes to a close and an exciting new year begins they found themselves sat in a Christmas stocking chatting quietly about everything they had done in the past few years..... Croc chatted about visiting … Continue reading A year of memories


The Biomes

  "A new day, a new adventure!" Thought Bertie as he stretched out his little paws and blinked in the stream of sunlight which was making its way evasively into the room. He turned to Croc who had just sunk deeper into the darkness. He opened on eye and then shut it again quickly when … Continue reading The Biomes

Surf’s up!

When they felt the camera bag start to move Bertie and Croc felt excited. They were finally off to explore where ever they were. They had spent the night in a very different type of accommodation to before. It had a large tin roof. It was very toasty and Croc was pretty sure the sides … Continue reading Surf’s up!