House in the sea

As Bertie and Croc watched the surfers, Croc noticed something a little odd about the view in front of them. He nudged Bertie and pointed. There was a small piece of land which jutted out into the ocean. This wasn't unusual but, as the two friends looked closer they saw that there was a small … Continue reading House in the sea

Surf’s up!

When they felt the camera bag start to move Bertie and Croc felt excited. They were finally off to explore where ever they were. They had spent the night in a very different type of accommodation to before. It had a large tin roof. It was very toasty and Croc was pretty sure the sides … Continue reading Surf’s up!

Watch this space

Bertie and Croc will be going a little quiet again for a couple of weeks. This is because, yes you guessed it, they are going on another adventure. In fact, they will be visiting a few different places so will hopefully have a lot to tell you when they return.